Informational Websites

Informational websites, or brochure sites, inform the consumer about your business. They give validity to your business. Your website is the first place someone will go to learn more about your product or service on their own time. Let your website work for you! These sites are 7-15 pages on average. Examples are: Home, About, Contact, Links, Services or Products, Articles or Tips.

Dynamic Websites

More and more people who browse the internet these days are expecting more of a user experience. With added features we can bring your site to life and pull the user in. With interactive websites the customer feels more connected to your business. Examples of interactive features include surveys, forms, guest books, blogs, forums, games, and calendars.

Website Payments Standard PayPal

Customers shop on your website, but leave your website and go to PayPal’s site to input credit card information. Logo can be added to the PayPal page. Internet sales only.
Monthly statement fees: None because a bank isn’t involved, you get a check from Paypal
Gateway fees: None
Set up fees: None
Transaction fees*: 2.9% of sale + $0.30 per transaction

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites are online stores where you sell your products or services. Our full function E-Commerce sites allow the customer to browse your store, add products to his shopping cart, and then checkout and pay using a credit card; all while staying on your website. There are also many additional features such as ‘New Products’, ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Sale Items’, ‘Inventory Tracking’, ‘Customer Reviews’, ‘Discount Codes’ and ‘Search Feature’.

There is also an Administrative section where the business owner can easily add products or services, categories, update prices, change descriptions, and upload product images themselves.


(4 color): There are four ink colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black – that will mix together to create any color on a printing press

Spot Color

(Pantone Color): This is a special premixed ink used on a printing press. The color will always be exact. Most often used for logos where it is important to achieve an exact color.


There are three colors – Red, Green, Blue – that use a combination of light and dots on a monitor to create any color. All colors perceived by humans can be formed by the right brightness combination of red, green and blue. RGB is usually more brilliant in color and cannot be duplicated exactly in print. RGB color is used in websites and cameras and televisions. . .

Hosting Services

Every website needs a “home.” Websites live on servers that are owned by a variety of companies.

If you already have a web host, we can work with them to upload your new site.

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is the address that people will type in to the web browser to get to your website (example: Domain names are unique addresses on the internet. No two parties may ever hold the same name. You want it to be easily remembered by your potential customers. Your domain name can be your business name or something catchy about your business. It’s actually best if you can incorporate a keyword about your business or service (i.e.